The Chickaboom Sound recording kit contains top quality gear to record and mix for documentary and drama productions, ambient sound and many other audio jobs.

I have a strong interest in the small crew observational documentary style. I have the ability to deal with confidential and sensitive situations as required by many of the programs I have worked on.

Always a traveller, I am keen to experience people and places through my work.
I am ever willing to work wherever the stories are unfolding and thoroughly enjoy a challenge.

Chickaboom Location Sound recording kit

6 track recorder / Mixer - Sound Devices 664
4 track recorder - Sound Devices 744T


Boom - Sennheiser MKH60


- MS Stereo
Lavalier - Sanken cos11
Countryman B6
Mic - Boundary - Sanken CUB
- Lectrosonics 400a / SMQV 
Receivers - Lectrosonics - SRB dual channel
Timecode - Ambient Lockit box
Boom Pole - Ambient 580 carbon fibre pole

All the cables and accessories which make it work.