Designing a soundscape which brings a screen world to life or making dialogue tracks seamless and clean brings me great satisfaction.  Many years of working in Audio Post production has allowed me to design and edit a wide range of amazing programs from Drama, Documentary, Comedy to Natural History and Children’s television (see productions page).

Sound Effects editing
Sound Design
- Drama, Documentary, Comedy and Children’s programs
Dialogue Editing - Drama, Comedy, Feature Films
ADR / Foley recording - Drama, Comedy, Natural History, Documentary
Mixing - Documentary
- Pro tools
- Fairlight - MFX and Dream systems
- Nuendo
Sound clean up/ Mastering/ Design - Izotope RX3 Advanced / Alloy / Ozone 5/ Iris / Nectar

My Protools system has performed brilliantly for Dialogue and Sound effects editing.  I am also happy to freelance and work with other studios and Post production houses.  I work in conjunction with a number of excellent sound mixers who I can strongly recommend.

Chickaboom Post Production Studio

  • Protools 12
  • KRK - V5 series monitor speakers
  • Samsung vision monitors
  • Extensive Sound Effects library including many original recordings
  • Quality Plug ins - especially for use in post sound including Izotope RX3 and Ozone 5.