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My name is Lynne Butler.  I have been forever fascinated by sound, whether it be music or the birdsong of the bush. I've always been tuned in to the auditory world so it's no surprise that I found my way into working in the audio industry. For well over 20 years I've worked across the sound spectrum from location audio, ambience recording, as an editor of dialogue, sound effects, foley and ADR as well as mixing. 

I have an extensive experience in sound recording, with a particular love of documentary/ factual programs. It is a privilege to meet with people and to make them feel comfortable to tell their stories. My work as a sound recordist is as much about relationships as it is about technicalities and I like to treat people with care and respect. I find travelling for work hugely enjoyable whether it be interstate or international.  I am first aid trained.


I own a quality sound recording kit which can be modified to cater for whatever type of program I am working on.   Over the years I've worked on numerous factual series as well as lifestyle, film and TVC work.

In post production audio I have worked extensively on quality drama, children's programs, documentaries and comedy.  

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your upcoming project.

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