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Well recorded production sound significantly enhances the quality of your production and gives you more time and options in Post Production.

My sound kit is of the highest standard and is updated regularly
Audio Mixer/ recorders - Sound devices - 633, 888 and 688 for the big  jobs! 
Transmitter and receivers / IFB / Camera links - Lectrosonics
Shotgun Microphones - DPA 4017BSanken and Sennheiser shotgun mics 
Soundfield surround microphone  - Great for ambience and surround sound applications
Cardioid and handheld mics - for various applications including interior recording and vox pops
Lapel Microphones - Sanken Cos 11/ DPA and Countryman 
Timecode smart slate - Ambient 
Timecode - Tentacle sync boxes

Plus many more cables, accessories and bits and bobs to make it all work.


Furneaux Islands_Vansittart Island2_Ben

I've worked in location sound for 15 years and in Post Production Audio for 25 years so I understand what is required in Post to make your project sound wonderful. 
Let me know how I can help on your next production.

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